Are You Just Shredding Your Paper? Think Again!

When we think of shredding, I think it’s safe to say that most people think of paper. But what if it’s more than paper to be shredded?  Do you know where your private data is stored and how it’s disposed of?  A good rule of thumb is that any media holding private data should be destroyed, so that definitely stretches beyond paper-based products.

Have a look at your files and perhaps, as part of your GDPR records, make sure that you know where your files are stored and how/when they are destroyed.  Keep any certificates or dates etc around the destruction process.

We’ve compiled this list for your consideration:

  1. Personal Electronic Devices or PEDs. This includes mobile phones, smartphones and personal digital assistants, better known as PDAs
  2. Screen controllers such as graphic cards, graphic controllers, chipsets
  3. Smart cards and SIM cards: Key cards, Tablet PCs
  4. Static RAM: Battery packed or capacitor backed SRAM and SRAM without power
  5. Network devices: enterprise networks, interface cards, switchers, routers
  6. Office equipment: printers, scanners, photocopiers, multi-functional devices (MFDs) – many of them have a hard drive that stores data
  7. Monitors: CRT, plasma and LCD screens
  8. Flash drives: USB sticks, hybrid hard drives and SD cards
  9. Dynamic RAM, EEPROM and EPROM: electronically erasable PROM
  10. Microform: microfiche, microfilm and any image photo negatives that have been reduced
  11. CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Disks – there are a vast array of them

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