As you are aware, all businesses have been advised to take extreme precaution over the coming weeks with a view to keeping the spread of #Covid-19 as contained as possible.

Where possible, our team are enabled and set up to work from home, as appropriate to each person’s role, so communication will continue as normal.

Where staff are in the office, they are maintaining a strict 2 metres plus, distance from each other.

We wanted to communicate a few aspects of what we are doing internally and what we are doing in the case of customer calls:

  • Our engineers will be in premises wearing latex gloves and are equipped with face masks.
  • The engineers will use disinfectant wipes to clean down each screen before accessing the printer to start a service call. Our standard operating procedure for each call out is a full clean down of each machine, and this will continue as normal.
  • Our vans have undergone a deep clean, both inside and out to ensure that we follow the strictest level of hygiene.

Procedure for Service Call Up to End March:

We will offer remote support where possible. If your business has any concern about an engineer coming onto the premises, please liaise with our team in advance of a call out and we will work with your team to troubleshoot the issue over the phone or online, and will schedule a service call where required.

Response Times:

The response time may not be to the normal service level agreement, but we will communicate closely with all our clients to ensure as seamless a service as possible in these challenging times.

Best Practice:

Keep antibacterial wipes near the printers and shredders and wipe them down regularly, to keep them as germ free as possible. Areas to wipe are the screen and any doors/drawers that are handled, e.g. for loading paper or managing a paper jam.

As always, our guarantee is to offer you our standard of #ServiceExcellence and we will continue to work with all our customers in the safest, most effective and efficient manner possible. Communication is key in managing these difficult times.


If you would like to contact our team, please click here.