Safety First – A Guide to Purchasing Safes and Lockers

Having a secure place to store your valuables shouldn’t just be something you only practice in a hotel on vacation. A safe is an investment that helps keep your personal effects protected at all times.

A safe or locker is a simple and effective solution to protect your valuable items from theft. However, the process of buying and installing a safe sounds daunting – which is why we have laid out some helpful questions you should ask yourself before investing in a safe or locker for your home or your office.

What Items do I Intend to Store in My Safe or Locker?

Figuring out the items you want to store in your safe will help you determine the size of safe you require, and the level of security you want the safe to provide. Asking this question before purchasing will help avoid choosing a safe that is not compatible with your home or office setting, or not being able to store your intended items. It is therefore extremely important to make sure that you obtain all the necessary measurements of the space you want to use in you home or office, as well as the measurements of the interior of the safe, based on the number of items you wish to store.

It is also important to note that safes offer varying degrees of protection from different physical threats. For instance, while some safes provide excellent performance in the face of fires and floods, others are primarily designed to survive a robbery.

Do I Need an Electronic Safe, Dial Safe or Key Operated Safe?


Most employers feel safest with an electronic safe, such when a disgruntled employee gets terminated, it is much easier to re-programme the code on an electronic safe than it would be to change the entire locking system on a key operated safe – Electronic passcodes can be changed at any given time, making it the most flexible option. Most electronic safes also offer an added security feature of a ‘lock down’ option when the wrong pass code is entered 5 or more times, shutting down the safe entirely for 5 minutes.

Dial Safe

Dial lock safes are considered one of the safest and most dependable due to the entire physical nature of their mechanism. They typically involve a system which requires you to execute several rotations to both the left and right side as part of a specific combination. Much as they are one of the safest locks around, they are not exactly as easy to operate as other types. You will need to involve a professional if you need to make a change to the locking mechanism.

Key Operated

Key operated safes are also very reliable options that have been used for generations. When cared for properly, these safes can last years without requiring any maintenance. These locks are much more affordable than electronic locks and offer an overall lower cost solution to the storage needs of valuables.

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