Sustainable & Environmental Packaging Solutions – A Review of the HSM ProfiPack P425.

 In this review, we take a look at the P425; the all-rounder for universal, daily packaging tasks! This high-performance packaging machine is used to process a number of layers of cardboard into a padding mat or padded filling material. The professional device is mobile on steering rollers and can be used with total flexibility.

Why buy packaging when you can create your own packaging solution that is environmentally friendly and will help your company reduce, reuse and recycle the cardboard boxes that you already have in your warehouse and set you on the path to not having to purchase and use harmful plastics, polystyrene, cellophane and other plastic packaging.

 Some of the features and benefits of the ProfiPack P425 include:

  1. High quality materials and the “Made in Germany“ quality for safety and durability.
  2. Cutting rollers made of hardened solid steel.
  3. Powerful, efficient drive concept allows continuous operation.
  4. Particularly sustainable operation due to the high efficiency.
  5. Fully flexible feed-in speed adjustment.
  6. Adjustable cushioning volume of the packaging material.
  7. Infinitely adjustable working width with measurement scale for packaging material made to measure.
  8. Intuitive operation with LED indicators on robust keypad.
  9. The integrated turbo-function resolves blockages.
  10. User safety through emergency off switch.
  11. Mobile on castors, with parking brake.

The HSM ProfiPack packaging machines are a brilliant solution for all shipping and storage areas. With this machine, you have the opportunity to turn your waste into a sustainable packaging solution. They perforate and bolster up used cardboard and make universal packaging material which is as good as new. This saves costs and, at the same time, is a sensible and practical contribution to environmental protection. can offer customers the opportunity to purchase the HSM Profipack C400 or P425 or indeed to lease the machines.  Talk to our team today to find out more. You’ll find us at or just a call away at 01 4097034.