When choosing a paper shredder the first thing you need to do is to establish the amount of shredding that needs to be carried out during a weekly cycle and how many people are going to use the shredder. Most of paper shredders aren’t designed to be used at maximum sheet capacity at all times, so it might be worth to get a shredder which has a sheet capacity 20-30% larger than the actual number of sheets you intend to shred at once. Basic paper shredders are capable of going through 3-10 sheets at once while more advanced models can shred 20+ sheets.

Paper Shredders are one of the most popular office machines used professionally in offices as well as for domestic purposes. There is a great selection of paper shredders available within office supplies industry and it is worth to know what features and properties are necessary for the type of work you intend to perform: Paper shredder, hard disk shredder, disc shredder, home shredder, office shredder, and GDPR compliant shredder.

Strip cut shredders used to be considered as home office shredders machines, and cross cut shredders are the ones to use for businesses. This approach is changing nowadays as strip cut shredders are no longer considered safe in terms of data protection, and so becoming less popular.

Safes and Shredders Ireland works only cross cut shredders and GDPR compliant shredders. Even the basic paper shredders use cross-cutting technology these days, which shreds the page into small particles, providing a greater level of security. Cross cut shredders are often referred to as confetti shredders to highlight the end result of shredding a page with such machine. The required security level involved in shredding should always be considered, as even the dispose of materials which don’t contain sensitive data or confidential information should be treated seriously.

When requiring additional security for shredded documents, cross cut shredders guarantee a high level of security. Order paper shredders at Safes & Shredders Ireland, an official HSM partner in Ireland, specialised in cross cut shredders, home shredders, office shredders, industrial shedders, hard disk shredders, all GDPR compliant shredders.