Perforating our way towards a more sustainable future with ProfiPack. Choose ProfiPack for efficient packaging needs.

Increasingly businesses are looking for ways to reduce their dependency on plastic and embrace alternative options, particularly when it comes to packaging.  There is most definitely a movement happening, which is fantastic to see and is delighted to be playing a part in this movement by bringing the HSM ProfiPack range to Ireland.

Increasingly brands are looking to be more sustainable and enhance their efforts around all things CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility. A large focus, in this area, is involved in recycling initiatives.  There is a prediction that plastic will be removed from packaging frameworks.  But this will only be successful if an alternative is available on the market, I.e. that there is a rise in alternative sustainable packaging materials.

The HSM ProfiPack range offers just that alternative.  The perforating machines offer a sustainable route, to turn waste cardboard into a packaging material.  It’s very likely that cardboard and other paper-based materials will replace plastics in the future, as packaging material.

Perforation can turn cardboard into universal packaging material by puncturing holes into old cardboard  off-cuts, leave a flexible, yet strong, recycled packaging solution. By recycling cardboard off-cuts, it removes the need to purchase and use environmentally harmful alternatives such as bubble-wrap, cellophane and polystyrene, which also constitute a costly monthly outgoing.  Using a recycled alternative save on this expense of a harmly packaging type and adds to your green credentials too.

Not only does a perforation system generate economic and ecological packaging, it also gives recycling plants and packaging centres the possibility to regain control over their recycling efforts.   Where businesses are purchasing packaging materials that are harmful to the environment, costing them both time and money, the integration of the HSM ProfiPack machine will help businesses change their packaging model for the better.  It will help reduce plastic consumption by replacing it with perforated cardboard cutoffs.  It’s an inhouse solution that will help move the product up the waste hierarchy and follows the in veritable – reduce, reuse, recycle mantra.

Using perforated cardboard rather than plastic is far more environmentally friendly and offers the end user a recycling option that plastic simply don’t.

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For more information on the sales or leasing of the HSM ProfiPack P425 or C400 range, please contact Jean Evans at | | 01 4097034.

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