Security with Shredder Cuts: Paper shredders are the perfect addition when you want to create a secure and safe office. Shredders can prevent identity theft and stop private information within your company being leaked. Here at, we understand the importance of security in the office. You want a reliable shredder that can do the job quickly, securely and without any hassle. Although purchasing a shredder  sounds like a pretty simple task, there are a few things you should know before you make your decision:

Different Shredding Cuts
Surprisingly, there are a number of shredder styles you can choose from:

  1. Firstly, there is a strip-cut shredder. These shredders cut sheets of paper into long strips. They are fast but don’t provide much security as the strips are usually large enough that they could be reassembled if enough time and energy went into doing so.
  2. Next, there are cross-cut shredders. This shredder chops the paper into short, thin strips that are more secure than strip-cut.
  3. And finally, there is the micro-cut shredder. This shredder dices paper into tiny shreds or bits of confetti and is suitable for shredding highly confidential documents.

Security with Shredder Cuts

Shredding Speed
If a speedy shredder is what your company is after, then you should consider a strip-cut shredder. The strip-cut shredder works fast because it simply turns the paper into small strips which is a quick and easy task for any shredder. The cross-cut shredder is significantly slower due to the fact that it cuts the paper into tiny confetti pieces, ensuring more security, but slowing down the process. For any business or organisation that is looking at their GDPR compliance, then a cross cut or confetti cut shredder is the only way to go.

Emptying a shredder bag is a painful task. All it takes is one tiny slip up and you end up with a floor full of hundreds of pieces of paper. The bonus of choosing a confetti-cut machine means having to change the bag a lot less often than a strip-cut shredder.

Shredders take minimal effort to maintain their function. The only chore they require you to do is to oil the machine regularly. The cross-cut machines do require a little more oiling than the strip-cut shredders, this being due to them cutting and working harder to shred your office documents. When you purchase your shredder, you will receive a manual with instructions on how frequently you should oil the machine.

A shredder is a terrific investment for your office. It can protect your company’s documents, all with just a few minutes of work. The shredders you can find on our website are some of the best shredders you can buy, so put your trust in us and contact us today for a consultation. Call us on 01 4097034 or for more information, a quotation or to book your shredder in for a service.