Protecting your confidential data comes in many forms. Confidential shredding is one form of data protection for businesses as a direct solution to the GDPR regulations.

The General Data Protection Regulation is coming this year and it is essential for Organisations to know that they are compliant. Compliance is all about awareness and this article will give a brief overview of some tips to take into account to protect your Organisation. From data consent to third party data processing such as a confidential paper shredding, read on to learn more about appropriate shredders and data protection in Ireland.

First, from now on, always obtain consent prior to holding or using anyone’s personal data. All forms both physical and web-based which are designed to gather personal information should contain a statement detailing what the information is to be used for.

When dealing with sensitive personal data, additional measures should be in place to ensure the security of the data. When this data has reached its end of life always securely destroy the data through a paper shredder. Be aware of individual’s rights when dealing with information. If preparing reports always be aware that individuals have the right to see all personal data held about them which also includes emails and informal notes that have not gone through your document shredding service in place.

When discarding waste data in paper format it is necessary to treat them confidentially. Never discard end of life data with conventional recycling streams. Waste paper data is not the same as general sorted office waste. Always consult with a professional paper shredding company to secure shred all documents and receive a certificate of data processing. The same applies to waste electronic data carriers such as hard-drives, always securely destroy them through a hard drive shredding service or compliant shredder. This is one of the key points of Shredders and Data Protection, to ensure the shredders you may buy for your office space are suitable for your companies compliance.

For more information on shredders that will suit your needs for GDPR compliance, contact us for a specific quotation on your needs.

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