HSM Shredders – An overview on HSM’s product quality.

Quality Made in Germany

HSM made in Germany label

HSM produces all document shredders in the HSM SECURIO product range in Germany. Their employee’s expertise guarantees HSM’s understanding for quality and is reflected in the products, customer advice and unique services.

HSM made in Germany

HSM High Quality Materials

HSM offer a lifetime warranty on solid steel cutting rollers in HSM SECURIO document shredders at security levels P-2 to P-5. Cutting rollers are impervious to staples and paper clips. 3 year warranties apply on the Securio range of shredders (C-ranges, B-ranges and P-ranges) and a 2 year warranty applies on the Shredstar range of shredders.  Extended warranties can also be purchased.

HSM premium materials

HSM Sustainability

Acting sustainably has been part of who HSM have been for decades and is ensured by their energy-efficient production equipment and methods, the manufacturing of long-lasting products, emphasis on very favorable working conditions, as well as education and training of staff, which all culminates in a great deal of support for social and ecological projects.

HSM sutainability

For more information on HSM and Safesandshredders.ie contact us on 01 4097034 or sales@safesandshredders.ie today.  If you are unsure about what shredder to choose, then have a look at some of our blogs that will help you create the filter and therefore choose a shredder that is fit for purpose for your office and security requirements.