Why Paper, Printing And Shredding Are Back


As we know, Covid19 has changed the world. Face coverings are now mandatory in public places, no large social gatherings are allowed, flights are being cancelled, the list goes on and on…

Although many of these changes are significant, we will eventually see things go back to normal – but there are some changes that we will need to accept as “the new normal’.

Some industries and businesses found themselves having to dust off their printers to print large volumes of paper, adapting their entire way of operating in order to comply with the new safety and hygiene guidelines. With the need of printing, also came the need of disposing of paper and documents accordingly – such demands are the reasons why paper, printing and shredding are back.

Disposable Menus in Bars and Restaurants

This is something that we probably never worried about in the past, but the idea of sharing a menu with countless other restaurant and bar goers is a scary thought now. How did we ever share a menu with another person before us, only to touch the menu with our hands after they touched it with theirs, and then eat our food with those hands that may have been exposed to germs?

If Covid has taught us anything, it is that viruses, germs and bacteria are everywhere, but they can be easily avoided with basic hygiene. This is why bars, restaurants and cafes have introduced disposable menus that can be disposed of after one use – A simple solution that will hopefully stick around for long time, even after Covid has left!

Safety Bulletins on Display

Businesses are now encouraged to display and promote the World Health Organisation’s recommendations for safe social distancing, along with the general health guidelines. Posters and banners are being displayed near restrooms, kitchens, elevators and communal areas. Printing this information and having it displayed in high traffic areas is a simpler solution than communicating this information to each customer or employee individually. And again, this also adds up to in-house printing requirements.


Hotels are back printing more than ever! In addition to printing disposable bar & restaurant menus daily, notes for guests and print signs, they are also printing off guest information in order to avoid multiple staff members touching the computer keyboard or screen constantly. With the need of printing personal guest information more often, also comes the need of disposing of such documents securely, so choosing a good shredder is the right choice in this case.

Keeping it Green

If your business is new to printing large volumes of paper, you need to consider not only efficient printing systems, but also shredders that are suitable for your demand.

Here at Safes & Shredders we advocate for a greener planet and a safer work environment, with efficient and cost effective products at the same time.

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