Reasons why we should start shredding in 2020.

If you work in an office you probably know this by now; paper and other important documents tend to accumulate at an unparalleled rate.  At some point, these documents will expire or will need to be destroyed – and it would be bold of you to assume these documents can just be tossed into the nearest recycling bin. Continue reading below to find out some of the reasons why we should be shredding our documents.

To Avoid Identity Theft

We’ve all done it – we haphazardly dump pages into the bin and we think to ourselves “I should dispose of this more safely, but who is going to be going searching through my bin?” Well guess what? – People do in fact search through bins to find your sensitive information; these people are called identity thieves, and your trash is their treasure.

Did you know that 30% of consumers don’t shred their sensitive documents before discarding them into the bin? Which means that a lot of private information is readily available for someone else to find and use, and according to the 2015 BakerHostetler Incident Response Report, 1 in 5 data breaches involved paper records.

When you don’t shred your documents, people can gain access to information like your credit card details, your address, your medical history – all of it – and it can take little to no effort on their behalf when people don’t dispose of vulnerable documents in a safe manner. Once these people get a hold of your information, there is no telling what they can do with it, so always be sure not only to properly destroy your files, but also your clients files and your co-workers files.

To Help Promote Organisation

Unnecessary clutter is a pet peeve of many, so why let all of that expired paperwork gather on your desk and in office corners when you can simply shred it and bin it. People are under the illusion that it is a hassle to shred stacks of documents – and while this may be true for older shredders, new shredders work just as fast as tearing your paper up and throwing it in the bin, only shredding will keep you safer. Check out our HSM SECURIO B24 document shredder. This shredder is ideal for increased data security and is designed for continuous operation.

Don’t let the paperwork take over your office and risk breaching your client’s privacy – invest in a high capacity shredder and get the job done – and the less clutter and mess on your desk, the more productive, happier and secure you will be.

To Avoid Potential Safety Hazards

We’ve already covered that documents can be a potential security risk, but they can also be a safety risk too. What if one of your machines overheats and sparks a small fire?  All of those stacks of papers in your office are going to help fuel that fire – so shred your paper, recycle it, and don’t let your sensitive company documents ruin your business.

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