How Businesses Can Benefit From The HSM ProfiPack

How Businesses Can Benefit From The HSM ProfiPack

If you’re a company who ships a large volume of products and also has a lot of cardboard to dispose of, then ProfiPack can be the right solution for your business.

What is the HSM ProfiPack?

The HSM ProfiPack is a machine that will transform your cardboard waste into packing material, making it a brilliant addition for any business that ships large volumes of products. The HSM ProfiPack is – to put it simply – a cardboard shredding machine that can transform bulky cardboard boxes into perfectly cut cardboard that can be used to cushion fragile products that are being shipped.

How Does The HSM ProfiPack Work?

The HSM ProfiPack machine works similarly to a shredder, but can easily handle 2-3 layers of cardboard at a time, meaning you don’t even need to worry about cutting down the boxes prior to shredding them, you can simply smash them down flat and then run them through the HSM ProfiPack shredder.

The shredded cardboard does not have the same appearance as shredded paper, and when a box is run through the machine, it maintains its shape, so instead of being chopped up into small pieces, the cardboard will come out of the machine with a waffle-like appearance, making it a soft and pliable cushion to keep your products safe when being shipped.

How Businesses Can Benefit From The HSM ProfiPack

Environmentally Friendly

The HSM ProfiPack is a sensible and practical contribution to protecting the environment and turning your business into a more eco-friendly one. The HSM ProfiPack allows you to create your own in-house alternative to packing peanuts or styrofoam, and instead, you can create a biodegradable cardboard substitute that your customers will be sure to appreciate.

Economically Friendly

A great way to save your business money is by recycling waste and turning it into something useful for the company – the phrase ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ is very fitting in this scenario! So instead of spending unnecessary funds on packing materials, you can make the investment of purchasing an HSM ProfiPack machine, which will, in turn, save you money in the long run.

Space Saver

If you are operating out of a warehouse, then you are probably familiar with having corners of that warehouse filled with broken-down cardboard boxes that you ‘might need one day’ – when in actual fact, they are just gathering dust and will eventually be surrendered to the recycling bin, or tossed into a compactor. So why not skip all of those steps and just shred those boxes and store the packing material for when you need to send out another shipment?

The HSM ProfiPack is a powerful, efficient and reliable machine, and it offers continuous operation, stable housing, and has tempered cutting rollers made of solid steel, making them impervious to rouge staples and other soft metals. The HSM was specially developed for heavy-duty use in shipping departments, so it won’t let you down!

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