The benefits of In-house HSM shredders

over third party shredding services

It’s never been more important to operate in-house

With the raised awareness of the importance of social distancing, we are finding that corporations are becoming increasingly more uncomfortable with allowing third-party companies to walk throughout their office to empty shredder bins. With the likelihood of the Operator having been into tens of buildings every day, there could be a heightened infection risk.

In-house shredding is being considered as a responsible solution to this issue, in addition, organisations are being rewarded with higher document security and large cost savings.

Do you really know how secure third-party shredding is?

  • How secure is every step of the service before the shredding takes place?
  • Some off-site shredding services will only cut a sheet of A4 into around 8-12 pieces, each roughly the size of a typical Post-it Note!
  • Shredding companies sell your shredded waste paper – the bigger the particles, the higher the value to them!

Four simple In-house shredding steps

The best policy is to shred all internal documents as a matter of routine, but here’s some essential tips on how to be GDPR compliant

Do I need this document on paper anymore?

Shred All policy – Destroy it now!

Shred as little and often – quick & easy. No onerous long periods stood at the shredder.

Shred where you work. Render documents harmless at the point of use.

Choosing the right security level for your needs

A handy guide to help you

P-4 Cross Cut

Shredders with a good mix of security and performance

  • At P-4, an A4 sheet is shredded into around 400 pieces – with at least 600,000 possible reconstruction combinations
  • P-4 Crosscut is ideal for general office shredding
  • A large shredder bin with 5 reams of A4 shredded at P4 contains around 1 million similarly sized and shaped pieces – more security than most organisations could ever need!
  • Outside of specialist national security type organisations, reconstruction is practically impossible.

P-5 Cross Cut

For higher level of security suitable for HR & Finance functions

  • At P-5 an A4 sheet is shredded into around 2,200 pieces – over 19.5 million possible reconstruction combinations
  • With GDPR, P-5 is popular for particularly sensitive documents
  • A large shredder bin with 5 reams of A4 shredded at P5 contains around 5.5 million similarly sized and shaped pieces giving extremely strong data security.
  • P-5 is approved by the UK Government and MOD for destroying TOP SECRET documents
  • Even for specialist national security type organisations, reconstruction is effectively impossible.

Shredding in the workplace

Typical Cost Savings of HSM Shredders vs Shredding Services


Shredding Service Offer – Typically 3 consoles for €120 per month

Monthly Capacity per console – 60kg
Number of reams per console – 24 reams
Number of A4 sheets per console – 12,000 sheets
Sheets/ console/working day 573 sheets – 573 sheets

Cost per console/month – €40
Cost per console/year – €480
Cost per console over 5 years – €2,400

HSM Securio B32 4.5×30 – €825.24
Daily Capacity – 1,000 sheets+

Saving over 5 years – 80% (per console) – €1,574.76

100%  Peace of mind

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