Choosing the right shredder isn’t just about getting a machine that cuts up paper. There is more to it than meets the eye. Here are a few pointers to consider and guide your selection, so that you get it right, the first time!

  1. Where will the shredder be used? This might be home, small office, large office, or department.
  2. How many users? The shredder you need for 3 people and the motor you need in a shredder for 10 people are two different strengths.
  3. What weight of paper (gms) do you normally shred? Many offices use standard 80gsm paper, but this can vary, so it’s worth checking.
  4. What volume of shredding do you currently do? Low, medium, high? The higher the output required of the motor, the more heavy-duty motor will be required.
  5. Do you need to shred any other items, such as paperclips, staples, cardboard, cds, USBs, credit cards? If it’s more than just paper to be shredded, the motor needs to be of higher quality in the shredder.
  6. What level of sensitivity do the documents have? Is there a lot of confidential information to be shredded? If you are an accountant, HR Director, a solicitor, an embassy, then you need a P5, P6, P7 as appropriate.
  7. Is GDPR a concern for your business?

For a more detailed review and for more tips and considerations about choosing the right shredder for your business, you can read our blog about ‘How To Choose a Shredder’.

If you prefer, you can also fill out our Contact Us page and send us your basic requirements and we’ll help guide you to the right solution. And if you prefer the more direct approach, we are always at and +353 1 409 7034 to chat through your specific document shredder requirements.