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Safely dispose of digital data carriers and storage media

The HSM StoreEx media shredders shred digital data carriers into the smallest of particles. Recovery is impossible! And that’s a good thing: Because caution is required when disposing of digital data carriers! Countless confidential data is stored on our storage media such as hard drives, CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays, credit and customer cards. But what happens to these storage media at the end of their life? Sensitive data shouldn’t just land in the trash. The solution: mechanical destruction! Our HSM StoreEx media shredders erase your digital data carriers securely, GDPR-compliant and economically.

Never again carelessly dispose of hard drives

Thanks to the quality Made in Germany, you can use the HSM StoreEx media shredders to finally destroy your old hard drives and protect the data on them safely from the eyes of third parties. Many companies are too careless when it comes to disposing of hard drives. The risk that storage media that are no longer needed fall into the wrong hands is often underestimated. The result: Every year, numerous digital data carriers become the starting point for data theft. Protect yourself by carefully destroying your storage media instead of carelessly disposing of your hard drives.

Dispose of digital data carriers safely

Thanks to the mechanical destruction by the media shredders from HSM, you prevent the risk of data theft in your company. At HSM you are guaranteed to find the right solution for disposing of your digital data carriers. Our entry-level model is the HSM StoreEx HDS150 media shredder with security level H-3. For the professional disposal of hard disks and other digital data carriers, we recommend the HSM StoreEx HDS230 with security levels H-4 or H-5.

Featured Product: Media shredder HSM StoreEx HDS 150

The compact media shredder HSM StoreEx HDS 150 destroys digital data carriers safely, economically and in compliance with data protection regulations.

The HSM StoreEx HDS 150 destroys data carriers with the security level “H-3 security cut” absolutely safely and reliably. The data carrier of a conventional 3.5 inch hard drive is divided into at least three parts. The security level is thus many times higher than with conventional methods in which a data carrier is merely deformed according to DIN / ISO / IEC.

Media shredder HSM StoreEx HDS 150

Media shredder HSM StoreEx HDS 150 Top View

Media shredder HSM StoreEx HDS 150 shredded

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