Secure Disposal Of Digital And Storage Media

HSM Powerline HDS Hard Drive Shredder

The HSM Powerline HDS 150 hard drive shredder destroys digital media devices in a safe and economical way, being compliant with data protection as it shredders digital media into tiny particles, making reconstitution impossible.

And another reason why this is so good is that the utmost care is required when disposing of digital media – A huge amount of confidential data is stored on our storage media, such as hard drives, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, credit and debit cards. But what happens to these storage media at the end of their life? Simply disposing of sensitive data in landfills should not be an option. The solution is mechanical destruction.

Our HSM Powerline shredders ensure the secure and cost-effective destruction of your digital media, in full compliance with the GDPR.

Secure Disposal

The mechanical destruction of HSM media shredders means that you avoid the risk of data theft in your organisation. With HSM, you are guaranteed to find the right solution for disposing of your digital media. Our entry-level model is the HSM StoreEx HDS150 media shredder in security level H-3. For the professional disposal of hard drives and other digital media, we recommend the HSM StoreEx HDS230 in security levels H-4 or H-5.

With HSM media shredders you can destroy your old hard drives once and for all, ensuring all the data they contain will never be seen by anyone else. Many organisations can be careless when it comes to hard drive disposal. The risk that redundant storage media could fall into the wrong hands is often underestimated. As a result: each year, a large quantity of digital media becomes the vehicle for data theft. Protect yourself by destroying your storage media carefully, instead of carelessly disposing of your hard drives.

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Secure Disposal Of Digital And Storage Media