3 Steps to Consider When Disposing Confidential Information

Every business is at risk of dealing with the theft of their confidential or personal information. Whatever confidential documents your company keeps on file should be safely secured or properly destroyed if it no longer has a need to be kept on file. To help avoid any data leaks, every business should have a document disposal process implemented within their offices.

When making the decision to safeguard your company documents, it is best to follow some guidelines on disposing sensitive information:

Step 1 – Create a Confidential Information Management Policy

In order to lower your company’s chances of experiencing a data leak, it would be helpful to introduce a document disposal schedule. Implementing this schedule will help determine the length of time your company should be storing confidential records or documents. This disposal policy should state how confidential files are dealt with, and who in the office has access to these files. Every employee in the office should be trained to understand this schedule and understand the consequences the company might face should they not adhere to the company’s disposal schedule.

Step 2 – Change Your Company’s Environmental Impact

Although there is a significant risk with throwing your sensitive information in the regular trash without shredding – there is also an environmental impact associated with improper disposal of documents. Recycling is effective, but for confidential documents, it is simply not safe enough – shredding is a much better way to ensure that your private information does not make its way into the wrong hands. Experts say that paper must always be shredded using a cross-cut shredder in order to destroy information beyond recognition. Cross-cut shredders are also the most environmentally friendly, as they shred the paper into tiny pieces that take up barely any room in the bins.

Step 3 – Find a Shredding Company You Can Trust

Purchasing a machine from a company you can put your trust in is just as important as any of the other steps. When purchasing a shredder, you need to know you can rely on good service, knowledgeable staff and a fast response time in order to keep your office as safe as it can be – and that’s exactly what you get when you choose SafesAndShredders.ie

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