What Is Purge Shredding?

Purge Shredding is when a company or individual needs to shred a large amount of documents at once, which in turn, helps the company to run more smoothly and efficiently.

For companies, purge shredding happens when a large amount of documents that no longer need to be kept or have passed their retention date for record keeping need to be destroyed at a one time event. Other reasons could be that the office is moving location and will have less storage, or a merger or acquisition that would then make the documents obsolete, and therefore would need to be discarded.

For individuals purge shredding can happen when they have compiled a large amount of personal documents that no longer serve a purpose or if they are cleaning out storage space and need to get rid of the old files.

Why Is Purge Shredding So Important?

There are a number of reasons why purge shredding is such an important process;

  • Helps keep your business compliant

Purge shredding allows your company to remain compliant by destroying documents that may potentially violate privacy laws when held onto for too long, or by not disposing of them correctly.

  • Eliminates mistakes

A once off document purge helps to eliminate any mistakes or errors with documentation or paperwork. An office or home that is cluttered by stacks of paper is not an efficient environment to work in. A cluttered office is distracting to employees and can lead to errors in their work.

  • Enhanced identity theft protection

Out of date paper files with private information, confidential emails and data stored on digital devices can be the ideal way for identity thieves to steal information – Evidently, purge shredding will eliminate the risk of personal and confidential information from being stolen.

  • Immediate proof of destruction

If you decide to hire a shredding service provider to help with your purge shredding, they will issue you with an official Certificate of Destruction. This cert confirms that all your documents have been destroyed safely and securely.

How Can I Purge Shred My Documents?

Purge shredding can be a difficult task when executing it with a small home shredder or a small desktop shredder. Renting or hiring a shredder is always an option and would allow you to be more productive with your time and save you hours of frustration, if it’s a once off activity.  However, if it should be a regular occasion in your office, it’s worth investing in a suitable shredder that cuts to the right security size for your business and that offers continuous run, i.e. you don’t need it to cool down every few minutes and then lose 45 mins while it’s cooling down.  HSM shredders offer continuous run technology that will help with the productivity and allow you to get through the task at hand, i.e shredding your confidential documents.

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